Awarding Qatar the tournament was a mistake

Awarding Qatar the tournament was a mistake

Previous Fifa president Sepp Blatter says the choice to grant the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was a “botch”.

Awarding Qatar the tournament was a mistake

Blatter, 86, was leader of world football’s administering body when Qatar was granted the competition in 2010.

The Inlet state has been scrutinized for its position on same-sex connections, common liberties record and treatment of transient laborers.

Blatter said he was “right” to have said at the time that the competition “shouldn’t go” to Qatar for 2022.

The Swiss was talking on forthcoming BBC Radio 5 Live webcast series Show of dominance – The Place of Sepp Blatter about the choice to grant Qatar the World Cup.

In a meeting with Swiss paper Tages Anzeiger, Blatter added Qatar is “excessively little of a country” to have the competition and that “football and the World Cup are too enormous for it”.

The Qatar World Cup, the first to be facilitated in the Center East in the competition’s 92-year-history and the first during the Northern Side of the equator winter, happens from 20 November to 18 December.

Fifa’s chief panel casted a ballot 14-8 for Qatar to have the competition in front of the US quite a while back, simultaneously Russia was granted the 2018 occasion.

Blatter says he decided in favor of the US and faults then-Uefa president Michel Platini for swinging the vote in support of Qatar.

“It was a terrible decision and I was liable for that as president at that point,” he said.

“On account of the four votes of Platini and his [Uefa] group, the World Cup went to Qatar instead of the US. It’s reality.”

Blatter likewise said Fifa had changed the measures used to choose have nations in 2012 after worries were raised about the treatment of transient specialists building World Cup arenas in Qatar.

“From that point forward, social contemplations and basic freedoms are considered,” he added.

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